Steelers will make one of these draft-altering trades back from pick 32

Will Levis, Steelers
Will Levis, Steelers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Pittsburgh could take a gamble with the Sin City on day two of the draft

Mock trade: Las Vegas receives pick 32, Steelers receive picks 38,100, and 2024 7th rounder.

Welcome to a trade scenario for a team that could move up for a quarterback potentially. Not many thought Will Levis would still be available in the second round and that should cause a lot of interest in the Steelers top choice at pick 32. Some of the quarterback needy clubs will come calling, and it will be up to Pittsburgh to take advantage of that.

Las Vegas just signed Jimmy Garoppolo in free agency over a month ago, but they could look elsewhere. They have spent a lot of time investigating this quarterback class and they could look for a future guy. Garoppolo has a lot of familiarity with the Raiders head coach, but he might just be a stable stop-gap option for them. With Levis slipping, they could be interested in moving up.

Trading back six slots will seem like a momentous move back for the black and gold, especially with the talent available at their current draft slot. They do get well compensated in this scenario as they get a top 100 pick to their arsenal this year and add another seventh-round choice next year. This could be an interesting option that allows Pittsburgh another pick to help complete this rookie class.