Steelers will make one of these draft-altering trades back from pick 32

Will Levis, Steelers
Will Levis, Steelers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Tennessee could pay an arm and a leg to move up for a quarterback

Mock trade: Tennessee receives picks 32 & 251, Steelers receive picks 41, 72, and 228.

An even larger step back for the black and gold in this scenario when compared to the mock trade with the Raiders. They move back nine spots in this case and that might be a hard pill for the Steelers to swallow. With the massive number of trade reports coming out of Pittsburgh, it seems like they do not want to trade back too far.

This move is actually very valuable as the club gets an early third round selection and upgrade their last seventh round slot as well. There is no indication that the Tennessee Titans are going to hunt for a quarterback on day two, but that might have changed overnight. They grabbed an offensive lineman yesterday, but they need an answer at quarterback, especially with Ryan Tannehill's future in question.

Again, this would be a massive move back, but the compensation would have the black and gold giving it serious consideration. One would have to imagine a move up like this would either be for Levis to be their starting quarterback or Hendon Hooker. Having a Tennessee Volunteer join the Titans as their quarterback would be a tremendous story to watch unfold. Hooker at 32 might be a little rich, but if you like a quarterback then you have to go get him.