Steelers will make one of these draft-altering trades back from pick 32

Will Levis, Steelers
Will Levis, Steelers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Seattle could move up to take a quarterback to sit and learn behind Smith

Mock trade: Seattle receives pick 32, Steelers receive picks 37 and 83.

Sliding back five picks in this instance is nothing too crazy and there is great compensation involved too. Seattle is a team that has not gotten a lot of buzz around the quarterback class leading up to the draft. They just re-signed Geno Smith, but that should not take them out of the running to potentially shoot to add a signal caller in this class.

Most thought Hooker would be the only available option on day two heading into the draft, and some thought he could sneak into the late portion of night one. Somehow both he and Levis are still out there. The Steelers should see what is out there and consider trading back because of these two quarterbacks to select from. The Seahawks give Pittsburgh a great offer here and it is too hard to pass on.

Not having a pick after the third round until the late portions of the final round is going to be a long wait. Khan does get an extra third round pick here and he will be able to use that to his advantage. Adding an extra pick on day two should solve any of their needs that they had heading into the draft. Pittsburgh could get a nice haul of picks as the trade market for pick 32 keeps brewing.

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