Steelers will shell out the big bucks if their starting QB balls out

It might cost more money to keep Russell Wilson around Pittsburgh beyond this year. If he plays well, the Steelers will need to pay him handsomely.
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Don't get it mixed up, Russell Wilson has a ton of things he needs to accomplish before the Steelers offer an extension.

There are a lot of things to look at when you observe how Wilson has handled his new city since signing with Pittsburgh in free agency. He took a one-year minimum contract to join the black and gold as their starting quarterback. He has a lot to prove not only to the Steelers but himself. He must show that he is not only worthy of being a starter in the NFL, but he needs to show he is worth giving money to.

He is off to a hot start, but the upcoming season will be the guide for deciding on the future quarterback in Pittsburgh.

Wilson is on a political campaign around the Steelers organization to try and win the hearts of the city he now calls home. It will take more than that to convince the club that he is worthy of a big pay raise once the season concludes. It seems mutual that both sides hope things work out and that a new contract could be struck after the year.

It will be up to Wilson to prove the doubters wrong and carry Pittsburgh to football glory.

Russell Wilson could be nearing a big payday from the Pittsburgh Steelers

With the salary cap increasing each year, don't be shocked if the NFL keeps seeing a trend of expensive quarterback contracts.

Some average starting players are seeing annual numbers over 50 million bucks. That is a lot of dough, but the league is run off the success of quarterbacks. Most of those signal callers are on the younger side, which Wilson is far from. That could hinder the number of years offered and the amount presented on his next contract.

Let's imagine Wilson plays great for the Steelers. It could lead to a hefty pay raise for him after the season.

Mark Kaboly of The Athletic was not afraid to throw around some potential extension numbers for Wilson if he receives a new deal from Pittsburgh.

Kaboly projected, "Could you afford a new contract for Russell Wilson if he has a big season and commands $30-plus million next year?"

With the current marketplace on quarterbacks, Wilson could ask for something closer to 40 million per year. Everything would depend on how close he feels the Steelers are to winning another Super Bowl, and if his slight pay cut could get them over the hump. Add in a potential top market in free agency for Wilson, and somewhere between the high 30s and mid-40s could be on the table.

There is a ton of football left to be played before the Steelers offer Wilson a new deal to stick in Pittsburgh. We will see how everything plays out. His start with the new team is going well, but an extension will be based on results. If he can bump the quarterback play and get this team some post-season success, then they would be foolish not to sign him before he hits free agency next year.

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