T.J. Watt is happy to share the Wheaties box with his brother J.J.

  • Watt brothers make history as Wheaties cover athletes
  • How many former Steelers players have been on the Wheaties box?

T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers
T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The NFL has All-Pro honors and the NBA has All-Star awards. The way elite players are recognized across sports differs, but the one obscure honor that many of the best athletes around the world have shared is gracing the cover of the Wheaties box.

Now it's time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to have a representative once again. T.J. Watt will be the Wheaties' cover athlete, but he's not alone. Joining him on the box is his older brother and future first-ballot Hall of Famer, J.J. Watt.

This is one of the few times that the box cover has ever been shared by a duo of athletes, and the Watt's officially become the first pair of brothers to ever be featured on the Wheaties cover at the same time.

T.J. recently shared his gratitude with a quick video he posted on Twitter, saying that he's 'humbled and honored' to be on the cover of this year's box with his brother, J.J.

Historically, Wheaties typically has just a handful of athletes each year who are displayed on their cereal boxes. This is a tradition that began all the way back in 1934 (just one year after the Pittsburgh Steelers were established) and has included some very prominent athletes like Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong, Emmitt Smith, Shaquille O'Neal, Serena Williams, and Shaun White.

But how many Steelers players have had their picture plastered on the Wheaties box?

Steelers previous Wheaties box athletes

From what we were able to gather, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had six athletes on the cover of the Wheaties box prior to T.J. Watt. The current Steelers star brings the total up to seven. The other Steelers players to grace the box included Rod Woodson, Merril Hodge, Kevin Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Greene, and Franco Harris.

While Wheaties does sponsor multiple athletes each year, it's important to consider that they have historically taken some of the best athletes in the world from sports like baseball, football, basketball, golf, hockey, track and field, tennis, snowboarding, beach volleyball, motocross, swimming, boxing, and many others.

T.J. Watt didn't make history by becoming the first Steelers player on the Wheaties box, but he did join some pretty legendary company. Wheaties' slogan is 'The breakfast of champions,' so let's hope this partnership with Watt brings another Lombardi Trophy to Pittsburgh.