T.J. Watt speaks the truth about frustrating Week 13 loss

  • Watt explains to not be so negative, accept the loss, and prepare for TNF
  • Despite frustrating loss, Watt knows it is important to move on and keep watching film
  • Steelers had numerous injuries and Watt still believes in "next man up" mentality

Pittsburgh Steelers, T.J. Watt
Pittsburgh Steelers, T.J. Watt / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

Another week is in the books for the Pittsburgh Steelers and unfortunately, another loss. The Steelers dropped the ball in Week 13 with a frustrating loss to the Arizona Cardinals. After a few weather delays and an offense that seemed allergic to scoring touchdowns consistently until later in the game when it didn't matter, the Steelers are on the outside looking in.

Immediately after the game, star linebacker T.J. Watt spoke to the media about everything going through his mind after this loss. Needless to say, a lot of what Watt spoke about is pretty much all of how Steelers Nation is feeling at this point in time.

Frustration, embarrassment, and losing hope have been just a few of the many emotions fans are feeling but at the end of the day, the season must go on. Watt confirmed this because, in the grand scheme of things, you can't dwell on games like this for too long. Even though the Steelers are now 7-5, a playoff run got a bit more difficult due to this loss but they are still in the hunt.

T.J. Watt wants to watch film now and start moving on to Week 14

Here is what Watt had to say to the media immediately after this Week 13 loss to the Cardinals...

Watt has always been known to keep it real and to be honest, it's hard to disagree with him and these raw emotions following such an annoying loss. All one can do as a football player is accept it, watch the game film to know where opportunities are to course-correct, and focus on the following opponent.

The Steelers have another huge game on the horizon with the New England Patriots coming to Acrisure Stadium in front of the bright lights of Thursday Night Football. Watt is right in moving on and yes, even though the Steelers got hit with a plethora of injuries today, it's all about the "next man up" mentality to get back on track.

We will see what transpires on Thursday Night Football but for now, this is a tough loss to swallow. Hopefully, the Steelers bounce back against the Patriots before this season spirals further into being one to completely forget.