The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Steelers miraculous win over Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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The Ugly: Offensive Inconsistencies Continue to Plague Pittsburgh

The turd was shinier this week, shiny enough to win. Much like the wins over Cleveland and Las Vegas though, the offense found its successes in large part because of the defense while the same inconsistencies remained.

The Steelers still rely almost exclusively on sideline passes, almost exclusively run Najee Harris out of singleback formations, employ the likes of Gunner Olszewski as motion decoys, and put Kenny Pickett in unfavorable positions to succeed.

Pittsburgh got off to a slow start again. They proved this week's narrative that they can't come back from early deficits somewhat wrong, but they are still not creating leads for themselves by themselves.


Though the trio of Pickett, Pickens, and Jaylen Warren made fantastic plays late to secure the win, 289 yards of offense and 2.9 yards per carry on the ground will not cut it week in and week out in the NFL.

Sure, this win should spark some momentum. But being a bit more pessimistic about this win, it also means Matt Canada still has a job despite only leading one touchdown drive in the past eight quarters of football.

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