The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Steelers tight Week 3 win over Raiders

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The Ugly: Steelers had little to no answers for Davante Adams

The expectation should never have been to eradicate Davante Adams's footprint on this game, but his numbers were exhausting to watch pile up on nearly every offensive possession for Las Vegas. He hauled in 13 receptions for 172 yards and two touchdown scores. Garoppolo leaned on his elite weapon all night comfortably.

The majority of his receptions came against Levi Wallace. Wallace managed to pick off an early pass and the game-ender, but that should not blind Steelers fans to the absolute liability he is in man coverage. Some forgiveness is granted for lining up against arguably the second-best wide receiver in football, but the inability of the defense to adjust to Adams whatsoever is concerning.

Joey Porter Jr didn't fair much better with limited opportunity during Wallace's brief absence.

It's part of a larger issue that the Steelers leave their below-the-bar cornerbacks in one-on-one situations far too often, even against talents such as Adams. The concerning aspect is that the Steelers are so loose in their zone coverage, it likely doesn't matter if the Steelers give safety help to their corners.

Still, everyone would like to see the Steelers bracket talents like Adams with more consistency.