The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Steelers' humiliating Week 4 loss to Texans

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The Ugly: Matt Canada continues to hold back the offense

The commentators week to week are calling out how predictable the Steelers offense is. They're questioning situational play calls. Former players are referencing how elementary the offense is.

Matt Canada is lost, and so is the Steelers offense.

There's no better example of Canada's extreme ineptitude than to throw from shotgun on fourth and one without so much as a play fake to Najee Harris. That play call is only made worse by the unfortunate injury sustained by Kenny Pickett.

This offense is only going to get uglier with Mitchell Trubisky as its starter.

The play design, the play calls in every situation, the lack of flow or meaning - pick apart this offense any way you like, it's not playing to an acceptable NFL standard. Each week this offense starts slow and finds life on its last drive of the first half and sparks some momentum with adjustments for the third quarter and the third quarter only.

Even when the offense gives hope for steady improvement, it can't be sustained in any comfortable way. That ineptitude bleeds into the defense because they are on the field for practically the entire game.

The ugliness of the Steelers offense is making the Steelers an ugly team that is increasingly difficult to watch.