The Ultimate Game Plan: Pittsburgh Steelers' 3 must-haves to beat the Rams

Kenny Picket has to have a great game and the Steelers' defense needs to shine.
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Week 6 of the NFL season came with a share of surprises. We witnessed undefeated teams fall to back up quarterbacks. Franchises who've lost a step in the standings had an opportunity to make up ground. A bye week came at the perfect time for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their win against the Baltimore Ravens erased critical blunders thus far. Defeating the Los Angeles Rams will be a great way to begin the next phase of the season.

Here are a few things the Steelers need to achieve against the Rams this Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers defense must protect the endzone

Inconsistencies in Teryl Austin's defense cost the Steelers a win in Week 4. They were undisciplined and unresponsive against a rookie quarterback. C.J. Stroud is developing well and deserves respect. His performance helped the Texans steal a win, but would not have happened if the Steelers lived up to their reputation.

An impressive effort against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens showed growth from the previous week. Austin's unit created turnovers (3) and sealed the game on the final play.

Limiting Matthew Stafford's production will require an inclusive effort. He's played well and is finding his stride. The fifteen-year veteran ranks fifth in passing grade (83.3) and second in passing yards (1,683). It's helped the Rams rank fifth in passing offense (83.3). Puka Nuca and Cooper Kupp are Stafford's favorite targets. Los Angeles' duo combines for 864 receiving yards. The Steelers rank 22nd in coverage (63.6). They will have their hands full on Sunday afternoon.