This excellent CB contract should make Steelers sick about trading for Donte Jackson

The trade for Donte Jackson looks even worse when you consider what this free agent CB just signed for on his new team.

Carolina Panthers v Jacksonville Jaguars
Carolina Panthers v Jacksonville Jaguars / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

When news broke that the Pittsburgh Steelers were trading starting wide receiver Diontae Johnson, fans were intrigued to see what Omar Khan managed to get in return. Though the Steelers weren't about to pull off another Chase Claypool-like heist, some fans speculated that Pittsburgh could receive as much as a third-round pick.

If only this was the case.

It's safe to say that the Browns' trade for WR Jerry Jeudy set the trade market. But even after Jeudy fetched just a 5th and 6th-round pick for the Broncos, fans thought the Steelers could get more. Instead, Pittsburgh received veteran cornerback Donte Jackson and a late-round pick-swap with the Carolina Panthers.

Jackson isn't a terrible football player. When you put on his film from 2023, it's easy to see that he's an improvement over Levi Wallace and likely an upgrade over Patrick Peterson as well. However, swapping him for Diontae Johnson was a curious move -- especially with Jackson's questionable contract.

The Steelers will be getting Jackson with one year remaining on his three-year, $35.18 million deal he signed with the Panthers during the 2022 offseason. The issue is that he has a lofty cap number of $10.522 million that will count against their 2024 salary cap (unless the contract is reworked or an extension is agreed upon).

I wasn't a fan of this, but I liked this contract even less when I saw what a top free-agent cornerback just went for.

Kendall Fuller's deal should make the Steelers sick

Just two days after adding CB Donte Jackson as part of the trade that sent Diontae Johnson to Carolina, the Miami Dolphins signed free agent cornerback Kendall Fuller to a two-year contract.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN confirms this deal will cost the Dolphins just $16.5 million over the next two years ($8.25 annually).

There's no question that Kendall Fuller is a better cornerback than Donte Jackson. The former Washington Commanders star has graded out as one of the best cornerbacks in the league since 2022, per Pro Football Focus.

Fuller also has size and ball skills that Donte Jackson doesn't possess. At 5'11'' and 198 pounds, Fuller has quality size for a boundary corner. Jackson, on the other hand, has always been at a disadvantage at 5'10 1/2''' and 180 pounds with 29 1/2'' arms.

Jackson also doesn't have ball skills or takeaway production like Fuller. While Jackson has just 2 interceptions over the past two seasons, Fuller has 5 interceptions and 2 defensive touchdowns during this same span.

Simply put, Kendall Fuller is a bigger, better, more productive, and more consistent football player who is earning less money per year on his new team than what the Pittsburgh Steelers are set to fork up for Donte Jackson. I hope Omar Khan has a plan because this is hard to stomach.