Top 10 options to replace Mike Sullivan as the Steelers Quarterbacks Coach

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Jake Peetz could follow Zac Robinson is hired as offensive coordinator

Reports have flooded in that the Steelers requested to interview Zac Robinson to be their next offensive coordinator. That would be an exciting hire, and one would have to imagine that he would try and bring coaches with him to help fill out his roster. With Mike Sullivan departing the team, the Steelers need someone who would change things up and have a good chunk of experience at coaching quarterbacks.

Jake Peetz is a name that stands out like a sore thumb when you look over the Rams' current coaching staff. If Robinson would get the coordinator position, then you would have to imagine that he would try and bring someone like Peetz over as the quarterbacks coach and potentially another title. He has a ton of experience in college and the NFL ranging from quarterbacks coach to the offensive coordinator spot itself.

Alex Van Pelt has a Pittsburgh connection that could land with the Steelers

Another Pittsburgh connection here with Alex Van Pelt potentially being an option to become the Steeler's next quarterback's coach. He also has a ton of offensive coordinator experience in the league, so he could even be up for consideration as the next coordinator in Pittsburgh. He just got fired by the Browns, but he did a tremendous job juggling all the starting quarterbacks that the Browns had to deal with this year.

Van Pelt was born in Pittsburgh and played at the University that calls it home as their starting quarterback. He had a long NFL career as a backup quarterback and has stacked a long list of experience as a coach. Van Pelt has worked with many quality quarterbacks in the past. One would have to assume that he would hold interest in the hometown job, but that would mean no other coordinator offers showed up at his doorstep.

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