Top 12 Sleepers for Steelers heading into the 2023 NFL Draft

Stanford Cardinal cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly (17)
Stanford Cardinal cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly (17) / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Anthony Johnson, DB, Iowa St.

Another versatile defensive back in this draft, Anthony Johnson was a hybrid defender for Iowa State. He has played cornerback, safety, and box defender during his time in college, and he has excelled at most of them. At the next level, he profiles well as a box safety, but I think he has the chops to be a capable slot defender as well.

Johnson has the size and athleticism you want in a slot defender. Add in his man coverage skills and ability to play the run and Johnson can have an instant role for this defense. He was an impact player for the Cyclone's defense and he should have a similar role for the Steelers defense if he were drafted.

The biggest concern with him, outside of his lack of a defined position in school, has been his ability to read an offense. He can, at times, be too slow to react and find himself washed out of plays. He also doesn’t always trust his first read, which can leave him guessing for far too long. That said, he can serve as a slot option and serve as a third safety in certain packages.