Top 12 Sleepers for Steelers heading into the 2023 NFL Draft

Stanford Cardinal cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly (17)
Stanford Cardinal cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly (17) / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
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11. Zacch Pickens, DL, South Carolina

The defensive line class certainly isn’t top-heavy, but there is quite a bit of depth to this group which should benefit the Steelers draft plans. If they opt to address other needs and miss out on some of the top names, going after a name like Zacch Pickens in the fourth round is a logical choice.

Pickens a similar prospect to another one that I like in Keeanu Benton. He has the size and length to potentially kick out to defensive end for this team if he develops. As of now though, he is a capable nose tackle that can take up space in the middle of a defense. It was something he thrived at while playing at South Carolina.

While I don’t see the top potential that I do in a Benton, Pickens would be a plug-and-play nose tackle that could kick out to an end position later on in his career. He plays with a powerful lower half that requires double teams and constantly disrupts plays. He would be a fine consolation prize if this team misses out on some of the top names.