Top 12 Sleepers for Steelers heading into the 2023 NFL Draft

Stanford Cardinal cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly (17)
Stanford Cardinal cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly (17) / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
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10. Ronnie Hickman, DB, Ohio St.

Entering the draft, the secondary of the Steelers is easily one of the worst overall groups on this roster. From questions at cornerback, safety, and sub-package defenders, there will likely be a few names added to this roster via the draft. While safety is arguably the least of those needs, Ronnie Hickman can wear multiple hats as a defender.

His best-fit long-term will be as a versatile strong safety, one that can sit in the box but also play deep. That said, his tenacity as a hard hitter and a blitzer makes him a fit in the slot as well. He has the size to match up against bigger receivers and tight ends while also possessing the athleticism to hang with them in coverage.

His main issues are trying to diagnose plays, as he is a tad slow and hesitant which can lead to him being out of position. He also needs to work on his tackling, as he can become too hard of a hitter at times and fails to wrap up. That said, he could have an instant role in the slot and develop into an eventual starter at strong safety.