Top 12 Sleepers for Steelers heading into the 2023 NFL Draft

Stanford Cardinal cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly (17)
Stanford Cardinal cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly (17) / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
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6. Brodric Martin, NT, Western Kentucky

For fans that wanted the Steelers to draft Jordan Davis last year, you need to watch Broderic Martin’s film. While he wasn’t as consistent nor did he play against top competition, Martin has a similar build and frame and a play style to Davis. He is a big mound of man that can take up space and use his pure power to disrupt plays.

He has that familiar size and length that Davis had as a prospect, which is rare for a nose tackle. He uses that power to bully linemen and get into the backfield. While a similar prospect to Davis, Martin is still very raw. He plays too high and was streaky as a player despite not always going up against the top competition.

If the Steelers miss out on the top defensive linemen, they should take a risk on Martin. He needs some work and isn’t a sure thing, but if a team can harness his talent and develop his technique he can become a great man in the middle of a defense. The team would have to rely on one of the veterans early on, but Martin, with the right seasoning, can become a great nose tackle for this defense.