Top 20 head coach candidates to replace Mike Tomlin if the Steelers decide to move on

  • A local Pittsburgh guy could be an interesting replacement
  • Ron Rivera has a prior Pittsburgh connection
  • Bill Belichick could be a free agent

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Brian Callahan has been able to help develop a franchise quarterback

Not that Joe Burrow needed a lot of help with the massive amount of talent that he brings with him, but Brian Callahan has done that. He has been the offensive coordinator in Cincinnati since 2019 and should have been looked at for top jobs before. For one reason or another, the Bengal's success over the past several seasons has not given him many head coaching interviews.

Now with Burrow out of the lineup, many believe that Cincinnati will fall off. It will be up to Callahan and others to figure out ways to make an offense led by Jake Browning still effective. If Callahan can still lead an effective offense without Burrow, then that will only reflect on him in a brighter light. The Steelers could look at a division rival for a new top guy.

Kellen Moore is a young offensive mind who could help change the Steelers

Another young offensive mind in the league that has gotten head coaching buzz in the past is Kellen Moore. He has been an offensive coordinator for four years now, which has spanned over two teams. His time in Dallas went under a lot of scrutiny, but their offense was never bad under Moore's playcalling. His lone year with the Chargers this season has not gone to plan.

One thing to monitor about Moore is his ability to work with some high-profile quarterbacks. He has worked closely with Dak Prescott of the Cowboys and Justin Herbert of the Chargers. Right now, LA has not had a great season so Moore might have a tougher time looking for a promotion elsewhere. He is a young coach who has a bright future in the NFL.