Top 20 head coach candidates to replace Mike Tomlin if the Steelers decide to move on

  • A local Pittsburgh guy could be an interesting replacement
  • Ron Rivera has a prior Pittsburgh connection
  • Bill Belichick could be a free agent

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Sean Desai is a young defensive mind that could interest the Steelers

Another young coach here, which has become fairly common on top candidates to take over for Tomlin if he would be let go. Sean Desai is the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles this season and it's his first time holding that role for that team. He is still young at only 40 years old, but he has a lot of experience both in the professional and college ranks.

Most of his work comes on the defensive side of the ball, but he has coached on the offensive side and special teams too throughout his career. This is only his second year as a defensive coordinator after also holding that role in 2021 with the Chicago Bears. The Eagles are one of the best teams in the NFC again, and if they get back to the Super Bowl, or even win it, then Desai will be on top of many head coaching lists.

Eric Bieniemy could finally get his head coaching job in Pittsburgh

Speaking of the Bears, there are rumors that they could consider firing their head coach and bringing in Eric Bieniemy for the top job. Many have wondered why the top offensive coordinator for the past several years in the NFL still hasn't got a top job in the league yet. He has been one of the best play-callers from his time in Kansas City and has transitioned over to Washington well.

Sam Howell looks like an above-average starting quarterback because of Bieniemy. The Steelers would be wise to bring him in for an interview and see how his vision for the football team lines up with the organization. He deserves an opportunity for a top job moving forward and it seems like this upcoming offseason could finally be his shot.