Top 20 head coach candidates to replace Mike Tomlin if the Steelers decide to move on

  • A local Pittsburgh guy could be an interesting replacement
  • Ron Rivera has a prior Pittsburgh connection
  • Bill Belichick could be a free agent

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Bill Belichick could be a free agent if he parts with the Patriots

Welcome to the hire that would break the NFL. The Steelers hiring Bill Belichick might be something that nears a curse in the eyes of some fans of the Steelers. Taking the long-hated Patriots dynasty head coach and bringing him on board during the twilight years of his career would be a crazy choice. Belichick and the Patriots have not been the same since Tom Brady left.

It seems unlikely that Belichick would land with the Steelers even if Tomlin was either traded or fired from Pittsburgh. It seems like the franchise would like to add a young option that could hold the title for a long time. Belichick will probably be done coaching in the league within the next decade or so. It is an interesting option to consider though.

Ben Johnson is the top head coach candidate this upcoming hire period

Ben Johnson is going to be a head coach pretty quickly after this season concludes. When the hiring process takes place, Johnson will have many options to choose from. It would take Pittsburgh to sell the team to the young offensive coordinator, but it could be done. The Steelers seem like a quality quarterback and solid offensive play sheet away from contending.

Johnson has been able to help Jared Goff bring his career back to life as a Lion and maybe he could do the same with Kenny Pickett. The Steelers would love to have someone like Johnson to start calling plays or at least help in that regard. It wouldn't take too much convincing over other openings to convince Johnson to skip the other available jobs to sign with Pittsburgh.