Top 4 players Steelers should completely avoid in the 2023 NFL Draft

Georgia Bulldogs defensive lineman Jalen Carter (88)
Georgia Bulldogs defensive lineman Jalen Carter (88) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The NFL draft is just weeks away, and everyone is scrambling trying to figure out what the Steelers plans are. Unlike previous years, this draft has the potential to be wild, as the team has no clear direction as to who they want early in the draft. Add in a new regime and the potential for moves up and down, and this draft is as unpredictable as ever.

While I’m fine with a more unpredictable draft, there are prospects that the Steelers should avoid. This could be with any of their picks really, although I have this list focused on their top picks over the later ones.

These players aren’t great fits for a variety of reasons. From their lack of versatility to their general scheme fit with the Steelers. Because of this, the team would be wise to avoid these players and set their sights elsewhere. Here are four prospects the Steelers must avoid in the upcoming draft.

4. Peter Skoronski is no longer a fit

At one point in time, I was all for the Steelers selecting Peter Skoronski with their first-round pick. This was because, despite his size and length limitations, I view Skoronski as the most technically sound lineman in this draft. I would have had no issue selecting him and moving him inside to left guard.

That is no longer an option, as the Steelers guard depth is great, and Skoronski would have no path to playing time soon. Because of this, he is off my board. Despite his talent, his lack of length and general size make him a hard sell at tackle.

While Skoronski is a safe prospect given his ability, I think he will need to shift inside to reach the highest ceiling. Since the Steelers no longer have a need there, Skoronski no longer makes sense. He should no longer be on the team’s board and they should look elsewhere with their top pick.