Top 4 players Steelers should completely avoid in the 2023 NFL Draft

Georgia Bulldogs defensive lineman Jalen Carter (88)
Georgia Bulldogs defensive lineman Jalen Carter (88) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Andre Carter doesn’t fit the Steelers mold

One of the more underrated needs for the Steelers right now is edge rusher. While they have two great starters, they are lacking a capable third body. When injuries hit, this can lead to a lackluster pass rush (as we saw last year). Even if both starters remain healthy, a situational third edge rusher is a smart player to have.

Andre Carter was, at one point, seen as a top prospect in this class due to his play at Army. Abnormally tall but possessing a frame of an edge rusher, people were excited by his on-the-field play. He seemed like a lock to be selected amongst the top pass rushers a year ago.

A below-average year didn’t help his cause, but he was the focus of most of the offenses he faced. Add in some below-average testing and Carter is an even harder player to like in this draft. The lone thing that stands out is his height, but that isn’t exactly a good thing. He often plays too high, and even when he doesn’t, his height isn’t helping his game.

Carter seems poised to go somewhere on day two, and the Steelers should steer clear of him. His lack of production in his final year, lackluster testing, and no real great trait make him a project. There are plenty of other pass rushers that profile better than Carter, so Pittsburgh shouldn’t be looking his way on draft night.