Top 5 draft picks Steelers can select to replace Dan Moore, Chukwuma Okorafor

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5. Steelers could draft Dawand Jones to replace Moore

If the Steelers really want to lean into a more run-heavy mentality, drafting Dawand Jones to replace Chukwuma Okorafor would be a sound strategy. Saying Jones is massive is still an understatement; standing at 6’8” and 374 pounds, with nearly 36.5” arms and a nearly 88” wingspan, makes him one of the largest offensive tackles in recent memory.

Jones started for the Buckeyes for several years, and they actually moved some veterans around to get him on the field. Naturally, there are concerns about Jones’ ability to move and mirror defenders, but he’s significantly more developed than mammoth tackles of the past (i.e., Daniel Faalele, Orlando Brown Jr.). 

Like Wright, I find it hard to believe the Steelers would quickly replace Okorafor at right tackle, especially with a rookie who has concerns about his ability to keep up with NFL speed. However, the Steelers offense does a decent job of taking some of the weight off the shoulders of the offensive line.

Heavier formations with hard play action passes prevent the offensive tackles from being put on islands against talented edge rushers. Furthermore, this would allow Pittsburgh to move on from Okorafor the following offseason to save money against the cap and replace him with a possible upgrade, especially in the run game.