Top 5 draft picks Steelers can select to replace Dan Moore, Chukwuma Okorafor

Paris Johnson Jr. Notre Dame v Ohio State
Paris Johnson Jr. Notre Dame v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages
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3. Steelers could draft Anton Harrison to replace Moore

Anton Harrison is one of my personal favorites in this tackle class, and I think he is severely underrated in this class. Harrison played extensively for the Sooners in 2020 as a true freshman but did not start any games. He earned the starting left tackle job in 2021 and performed quite well.

Harrison was supposed to switch to right tackle in 2022 and started the first game there, but flipped back to the left side for the rest of the season. He’s actually one of the youngest tackles in this class, as he won’t turn 22 until after his rookie season. Despite that, he is remarkably talented and ready to be a starting left tackle in the NFL.

Harrison would be a true coin flip in terms of beating out Dan Moore for the starting left tackle job. He’s somewhat similar to Broderick Jones, but he’s slightly smaller and slightly less athletic. He would need to adjust from playing in the wide-open, no-defense Big 12 to the physically demanding AFC North.

Harrison has the toughness and mindset to succeed in the division but will have a learning curve nonetheless, even though he has more playing experience than Paris Johnson and the Joneses. Ultimately, Harrison would be a great value pick with the 32nd overall pick, but he would probably be a bit of a reach at #17.