Top 5 draft picks Steelers can select to replace Dan Moore, Chukwuma Okorafor

Paris Johnson Jr. Notre Dame v Ohio State
Paris Johnson Jr. Notre Dame v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages
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Broderick Jones. . . . . 2. player. 527

2. Steelers could draft Broderick Jones to replace Moore

If the Steelers do not want to trade up and would prefer holding onto their Day 2 picks, Broderick Jones could be a more realistic option at #17 overall, although there is a chance he gets snatched up in the early teens.

Jones took over as the full-time starting left tackle for the Georgia Bulldogs in 2022, helping them win consecutive national titles. He’s only started at left tackle and played a smattering of snaps at right tackle. Jones is not as refined as Johnson, most likely due to his lesser experience, but he might be more physically gifted. 

Given those issues with technique and experience, I could see Jones’ rookie season following a similar path to that of Pittsburgh’s most recent first-round pick, Kenny Pickett. He will begin the season on the bench behind Dan Moore and maybe get some snaps in 6OL personnel packages before taking over around midseason.

The difference between Jones and Moore is that the former is operating from a much higher platform regarding raw physical talent. Therefore, Jones could have some early growing pains, perhaps even worse than Moore’s, but he could rapidly develop into a far superior player.