Top 5 USFL stars that could be options for the Steelers after their season concludes

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When you look at the product on the field, the XFL had some more talent than the USFL currently possesses. This league is about to wrap up its second full season since its return just a year prior. They will wrap up their second time around with their USFL championship game, which is scheduled for July 1 at 8 P.M. EST on NBC.

The "local" team, the Pittsburgh Maulers showed signs of improvement since last year, but they are still currently at a record of 3-6. Things look bleak for them as the season is about to wrap up, but they could statistically make it into the playoffs with a weaker division. There are going to be some players that will get NFL interest and the Steelers will likely sniff around this free agency market.

The Steelers could add a familiar kicker to their roster before camp

B.T. Potter is an undrafted free agent on the Steelers roster, but he is not going to compete with Chris Boswell. If for some reason or another Boswell picks up right where he left off from his down year in 2022, another option needs to be brought in. Nick Sciba would make a lot of sense if the above situation does play out.

First off, the franchise knows him as he was on the team under a year ago and kicked while Boswell was out with an injury. Sciba has done well during his limited kicks in the USFL with the New Jersey Generals. He has made ten of his 11 kicks with his longest being from 56 yards out. Sciba is one of the more consistent kickers in the league, even though his opportunities have been slim.