Top 5 USFL stars that could be options for the Steelers after their season concludes

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An unknown NFL journeyman has become a dominant linebacker in the USFL

One player that has stood out among his peers during this season is Frank Ginda of the Michigan Panthers. He has been one of the most dominant linebackers in the entire league, and many believe that he should be crowned Defensive Player of the Year. He has been a journeyman football player for a while now and would likely enjoy another shot to make an NFL club.

Ginda is still only 26 years old and is a former undrafted free agent coming out of the 2018 NFL draft. He has seen different employment statuses with three different NFL teams, a stay in the Alliance of American Football, and now with the USFL. He has worked relentlessly to get back into the NFL ranks since being out of the top league since 2019.

The Steelers have some holes that they need to be filled at their linebacker position, but they would like to add an upgrade at starting linebacker. Ginda might not be that choice, but he is playing at an NFL level right now with the Panthers. He is going to get another shot with an NFL club shortly and that could lead to a nice addition to many organizations.

Reports have come out that Pittsburgh has added a couple of other linebackers to their team on a tryout basis. Ginda has been able to show a level of play that would likely be an upgrade over both of those players. One should not expect Ginda to be a top-level starter for the black and gold, but he could infuse a nice jolt of energy into that room.