Top 5 USFL stars that could be options for the Steelers after their season concludes

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A former first round pick could bring his pedigree back to the NFL

From Pittsburgh to Pittsburgh? Why not? That is exactly what would happen if the Steelers decided to sign current Maulers player, Rueben Foster once this USFL season concludes. There have been two issues that have cause for this linebacker’s career in the NFL to derail. He has suffered plenty of injuries and could not stop his off-the-field issues.

Those problems have kept him out of the NFL, but he joined the USFL to try and regain some notoriety. Foster was having a great start to his season before he suffered an injury just a handful of weeks into the campaign. That has kept him sidelined, but his skill is hard to look past when you watch a game.

He has a lot of talent, and you can see it when you look at him performing with some lesser talent in this league. He has starting experience in the NFL and a first-round pedigree in the NFL. The Steelers could look at him as a potential answer for a starting job on defense even though he has been out of the profession for a handful of years before joining the Maulers.

His biggest red flag is his past issues off the field and if he has overcome those issues. Foster has also struggled to stay healthy throughout his professional career, which could cause some concern in terms of his abilities. He could be an interesting flyer that could become a boom-or-bust candidate for Pittsburgh or whoever signs him.