Trade packages Steelers should explore for Kevin Dotson

Steelers, Kevin Dotson
Steelers, Kevin Dotson / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers trade option number 2: Seattle Seahawks

The remainder of the trades all include some sort of player in the mix. Seattle is up first, as despite seemingly being a rebuilding team in 2022, have caught fire and are in win-now mode. The offensive line as a whole was good last year at the perimeter. Both of their rookies held up well at tackle, but the interior was a bit lacking.

Phil Haynes stands out as the worst starter of the mix. The right guard didn't grade out favorably with PFF, and Dotson would be an upgrade over him. It would give Seattle a strong line overall which would continue to benefit their offense.

In return, they send the Steelers their sixth-round pick (198 overall) and receiver D’Wayne Eskridge. Eskridge has been a bust since being taken in the second round of the 2021 draft. He has only appeared in 20 total games and has failed to make an impact. That said, the Steelers had some interest in him during that draft year, and they have a huge hole at slot receiver.

The Seahawks send lighter compensation due to them including Eskridge. The Steelers land another pick, albeit a later one, but also receive another option at receiver. This is a trade that would benefit both rosters.