True or false? Deciphering Steelers latest draft rumors right before Round 1

Diontae Johnson, Steelers
Diontae Johnson, Steelers / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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True: Pittsburgh will evaluate the trade market with their draft capital

As stated earlier in this article, Pittsburgh is going to be active in the trade market heading into night one of the draft. Just because they will investigate what it could potentially take to move up a handful of spots to take a prospect they desire does not mean they will actually pull the trigger. The team is missing some of their later round selections and would likely want to acquire more picks rather than lose a couple extra with a trade up.

It will be interesting to watch how Omar Khan and company view some of these top tackle prospects, especially Jones and Johnson Jr. Both are top talents on the left side and have higher ceilings that should allow them to continue their growth at the next level. Rumors surrounding the club have caused a smoke screen seen by even the most casual fan paying attention to this organization coming into the draft.

Do not be surprised by either outcome, no matter if they decide to pull the trigger on moving up or not. Khan has made his first offseason as the general manager exciting, and he is not afraid to shake things up. He has pulled off countless trades, and he will prioritize adding a left tackle to this group if he can make a reasonable trade that does not sell the farm.