Under-the-radar quarterbacks Steelers could target in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Steelers could draft one of these quarterbacks to fill out their room behind Russell Wilson and Justin Fields

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Pittsburgh has been all over the NFL headlines recently as Omar Khan is staying busy. The GM of the Steelers just dropped some massive news after reconstructing his quarterback room. Kenny Pickett, Mason Rudolph, and Mitch Trubisky are out. In are Russell Wilson via free agency and Justin Fields via trade. A bunch of moves many thought couldn't be realistic possibilities.

With those two now in the fold, many will start to ignore other options at quarterback that remain available. We know free agency is an unlikely option to fill the third quarterback spot from now, but the draft could be a realistic possibility. Expect the black and gold to potentially select someone at the position with one of their picks on the final day of the draft.

One realistic option for the Steelers in the draft is Sam Hartman

Don't expect this team to enter night one of the draft trying to get a top quarterback. They have shown little interest in this group as a whole. That was reflected by both the Wilson and Fields moves. We know Pittsburgh just redid their entire quarterback room, but that one opening could be filled pretty easily in the mid to later rounds of the draft.

If the Steelers wanted to lean toward taking a quarterback in the sixth round, then Sam Hartman makes a ton of sense. He has played in two different conferences during his collegiate career and has played in a lot of big games. Experience is huge for Hartman as he produced at a high level during his time at Wake Forest. He even started against Kenny Pickett in the 2021 ACC Championship.

Hartman is a smart quarterback coming out of college who has a fairly high floor and low ceiling. He probably won't turn out to be a quality starter in the NFL, but he is a been-there-done-it guy who can develop into a reliable backup. One of Fields or Wilson will probably be the starter moving forward after this season, so someone like Hartman would be able to take a year of learning before becoming the backup.

Michael Pratt could be an option in the fourth round for Pittsburgh

There are a couple of options in this article that could be developmental guys coming out of college. If the Steelers take someone in the fourth round, then there should be a reasonable expectation that the club tries to develop him into a starter at some point. The fourth round is unpredictable, but there could be some quality quarterbacks left.

One name to monitor through the pre-draft process is Michael Pratt. He is coming out of a small program at Tulane, but they have begun to turn their program into a quality football team in recent years. Pratt had a lot to do with their recent level of success. He can throw a bullet down the field and use his legs when necessary.

He has proven to be efficient as a starting quarterback during his long tenure at Tulane. He saw action as a freshman and continued that big role until now. Some have compared him to Ben Roethlisberger with the way he scrambles out of the pocket and the arm strength that he possesses. That is not to say Pratt will have the same NFL success that Roethlisberger had.

The Steelers might be wary of Pratt because he doesn't have huge passing yards during his collegiate career. Teams will love the amount of starting experience he has and the smart plays that he brings with his game. He could be a great developmental piece to place behind Wilson and Fields to eventually become a starting player.

Taking a Quarterback like Joe Milton III is a nice developmental option

Omar Khan has shown he is not afraid to swing for the fences this offseason. Maybe another swing is coming in the draft. Pittsburgh has not shown much interest in these players, but it makes little sense for them to add another quarterback in free agency. Unless someone signs for cheap, it seems like the Steelers will have to add their third quarterback through the draft.

Hartman was mentioned earlier in the article. He would likely become a dependable backup. Khan does not seem afraid to gamble, and they might be more enticed to go with a boom-or-bust prospect like Joe Milton III. He is someone that needs to find some semblance of consistency in his game. He has failed to do that thus far.

One thing scouts rave about this quarterback is his arm. He might have the strongest arm coming out of this draft class. His biggest issue remains his consistency and lack of ball control. He has great size for a quarterback too. Sometimes that build is good, but it has proven that he will remain a pocket passer at the next level.

Milton started in the SEC, which is considered the toughest conference in college football. He put up respectable numbers this past season, but he has failed to stay on the field for most of his career at Tennessee. He has a big arm and is a prospect who could either blossom into a starter or be out of the NFL within a couple of years. It might be a gamble Khan is itching to make.

Jordan Travis should see a connection with the black and gold

Sometimes the best option for a team like the Steelers in the upcoming draft is taking a prospect that is both a gamble and someone that should turn out well. We know that Arthur Smith wants a quarterback willing to use his legs when necessary. Both Wilson and Fields provide that quality. Adding a draft prospect that does that should be a priority.

Jordan Travis could be the perfect option for the black and gold in the fourth round of the upcoming draft. He has a ton of starting experience for one of the best college football programs. He unfortunately suffered a season-ending injury last year. If he remained in the lineup, then he could have potentially made his way into the first-round conversation.

Travis has a lot of starting experience and is someone who has shown progression as a player. He used to take off and run a lot, but he has become more aware of the field. He can read defenses better and run if needed but relies on his arm more. That mobility is what Smith wants in his quarterbacks, and Travis could be a perfect candidate for Pittsburgh.

Keep an eye on if the black and gold show up to Florida State's pro day. They have plenty of NFL talent coming out of that program this year, so the Steelers top brass will likely be in attendance. If so, pay attention to see if they watch Travis closely. If they do, then circle him as a name in the middle rounds that they will seriously consider behind Wilson and Fields.

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