The unexpected wide receiver leader the Pittsburgh Steelers need

The wide receiver room needs a leader, and you will never guess what number he reps...

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George Pickens heads into his third season wearing the black and gold with a much more significant role looming as the Pittsburgh Steelers are in dire need of a veteran presence in the wide receiver room. With the recent departure of Diontae Johnson and newer faces coming on board in the Steel City, a strong and vocal leader is needed to catapult the Steelers offensive passing game into contender territory.

Pickens can take his history of frustration on the field and channel it into an opportunity for growth for the upcoming season. 

The wide receiver room is full of question marks at this time as free agency continues to unravel, and the sports world does not hesitate to make round-the-clock moves. Here are Steel City’s current Wide Receivers: George Pickens, Calvin Austin III, Denzel Mims, and recently acquired Van Jefferson and Quez Watkins.

Undoubtedly, the Steelers are fishing for a big-name wide receiver in the draft, but for now, GP is the clear veteran presence this team needs to rely on.

Could the Steelers get a leader out of their emotional WR?

The real question remains whether George Pickens can lead a group of new wide receivers to the 'Steeler Way'. Recently acquired WRs Van Jefferson and Quez Watkins provide the extra speed needed for the aerial attack to open up and perhaps provide more lanes for Pickens.

Mike Tomlin continues to point out that he does not want hostages; he wants players willing to work on and off the field and uphold consistency and drive the Steelers are known for.

Pickens is destined to have a record-breaking season with QB Russell Wilson not shy of airing out the football and their tendency to find the endzone with finesse. Not to mention, OC Arthur Smith is pegged to be open-minded and willing to innovate the way the Steelers attack the field. 

As Pickens prepares for the upcoming season, there is a sense of excitement and exhilaration, knowing that big-time moves are being made to improve the Steelers team. It is perhaps a tale of two Pickens where we could see a rejuvenated and dynamic #14 come out,  completely electrifying this wide receiver room. Alternatively, old habits could creep up and deter a potential contender's camaraderie.

Whether or not Pickens becomes the Steel City hero we never knew we needed remains to be seen, but do not be surprised if #14 showcases his leadership in Week 1 and puts this team on his back for the 2024 season. George Pickens, your move.