Unveiling the Oddities: Steelers' Post-win stats vs. Rams revealed

Steelers, George Pickens
Steelers, George Pickens / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers had probably their best win of the 2023 season thus far by edging the Los Angeles Rams 24-17, in which they had to come from behind in the 2nd half to snatch an impressive victory. This victory, as does every game the Steelers play, also provided many odd or unusual stats and even a few team and player milestones.

Steelers Milestones

The Steelers win on Sunday win is their 5th consecutive regular-season win over the Rams, dating back to 2007 when the Rams still played in St. Louis. Adding to that, the Steelers in the Regular season are 5-3 against the Rams since 1981.

This win helped bolster head coach Mike Tomlin’s record coming off bye weeks. He improved his record to 13-4 after the bye week and has a 7-game win streak following the bye week. Tomlin’s last loss after a bye week was a divisional loss to the Ravens in 2015. Adding to this milestone is the fact this was the first win after the bye week in which the Steelers had at least three touchdowns. No Mike Tomlin-coached team has scored more than two touchdowns coming off the bye week.

However, opposite the Steelers winning streak against the Rams, Steelers have the longest active streak of 54 games with under 400 yards of total offense. The closest two teams are the Packers and Patriots, who have each gone 13 games with less than 400 yards of offense.

In a slightly unusual fashion, this was only the 2nd win in Steelers history in which they came back to win a game down 9-3 at halftime. The only other win in team history they had after being down 9-3 headed into halftime was against the Cleveland Browns in 1996 when they came from behind to beat the Browns 16-9.