Unveiling the Oddities: Steelers' Post-win stats vs. Rams revealed

Steelers, George Pickens
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No article is complete without a few very odd stats, and this game highlights a few. Kenny Pickett had his first rushing touchdown since November 13, 2022, against the Saints. What’s so odd about that, you ask? Both rushing touchdowns came after the bye week. The last Steelers quarterback other than Kenny Pickett to have a rushing touchdown after the bye week was Ben Roethlisberger back on October 25, 2005, against the Chargers in San Diego.

Before the Steelers started their 5-3 streak over the Rams, their history with the Rams was not as cheerful. The Steelers before 1981 were a dismal 1-12-2 against the Rams. The Steelers win that started their current win streak occurred in 1981, and that one was their first since December of 1956.

Finally, there is one additional odd stat. No Steelers receiver has posted over 100 receiving yards in a home game against the Rams. Even tight end Val Jansante in 1948, who had 104 yards, did it in a road game as well. The closest performance in a home game was John Stallworth in a 1984 home game against the Rams, who had exactly 100 yards while not exceeding 100.

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Next week, the Steelers face Jacksonville. This game should be of particular interest in the stats category, as the Jaguars were once a divisional opponent of the Steelers. Plus, they will play the game in Pittsburgh, and the Steelers do not have a great record when hosting Jacksonville. We will see how it goes and what new odd stats the game produces.