Way-too-early Steelers 2024 Mock Draft: Training camp edition

Cooper Dejean, Steelers
Cooper Dejean, Steelers / Joseph Cress / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Steelers mock draft round 7: George Holani, RB

Looking for an RB3 with every down potential, here. George Holani started out strong, running for over one thousand yards in his freshman year. Then, he was derailed by an MCL tear that didn’t require surgery and soft tissue injuries for a couple of years. He came back in 2022 running for over a thousand yards, again.

Holani has good vision and patience waiting for holes to develop. He shows good burst and change of direction, shooting gaps at the line of scrimmage. He varies his speed and displays effective moves and cutting ability. A former rugby player, he never gives up on a run. He lowers his shoulder, delivers a hit, and drags tacklers with him. He's related to Tonga Island rugby legend, Jonah Lomu.

A good receiver out of the backfield, he'd have no problem lining up in the slot. He's a natural hands catcher and was often called on to be the check-down target. He works every route in the running back tree for the Broncos and is always where his QB thinks he should be when things break down. In 2022 Holani ran 221 times for 1157 yards at 5.2 yards per with 10 touchdowns. He caught 24 passes for 151 yards at 6.3 per catch and added 3 TDs.

I would call Holani a ‘willing blocker’. He puts in good effort and has some pop but his technique needs work. He hasn’t been asked to block much but he has the physicality and toughness, so, I’m guessing he can be coached up. Holani has some punt and kick return experience and with his rugby background should be a natural for special teams. He even served as a punter, getting off a rugby-style kick on a short field punt.

Steelers 2024 mock draft summary

While I like all the players in this mock I LOVE two of them. Iowa's strong safety, Cooper Dejean, is currently listed as going from the middle of the 1st Round to the middle of 2nd on most draft sites. He’s definitely a player I would trade up to get and we already know he looks good in black and gold.

The other player is the way underrated USC right tackle, Johah Monheim. He may rise up the boards but everybody was saying that about Ohio State OT, Dawand Jones, and he didn’t go until the 4th Round. Right Tackles just aren’t valued that highly in the Draft. Monheim would be a steal in the 4th though I think he’s definitely worth a 3rd Round pick.

Well, what do you think? Does this mock address the roster holes? Do you agree with the positions of need and player selection? Any other players you’d really like the Steelers to draft? Let us know in the comments, below!

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