We asked AI to give us an all-time Steelers team under Bill Cowher, and the results are legendary

Steelers, Alan Faneca
Steelers, Alan Faneca / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

We have had some fun experimenting with artificial intelligence since the NFL Draft. In recent weeks, we have asked some bizarre questions to AI on Chat GPT like which Marvel Superhero would T.J. Watt be and what if Pittsburgh Steelers players were Super Mario Bros characters. Now we're asking questions actually related to football.

The Steelers have had three legendary coaches since the merger, and all three have at least one Super Bowl ring. Bill Cowher is the iconic coach whose tenure fell between the great Chuck Noll and current Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Cowher started in 1992 and built a championship roster predicated around defense by the end of his coaching career.

Recently, we asked AI to give us an all-time Pittsburgh Steelers team during Bill Cowher's tenure, and the results are legendary. Here was the response, via Chat GPT:

All-time Steelers team under Bill Cowher per AI:

1. Ben Roethlisberger

Running Back:
1. Jerome Bettis
2. Le'Veon Bell

Wide Receiver:
1. Hines Ward
2. Antonio Brown
3. Plaxico Burress

Tight End:
1. Heath Miller

Offensive Tackle:
1. Marvel Smith
2. Willie Colon

Offensive Guard:
1. Alan Faneca
2. David DeCastro

1. Dermontti Dawson

Defensive ends:
1. Aaron Smith
2. Brett Keisel

Defensive tackles:
1. Casey Hampton
2. Joel Steed

1. James Harrison
2. Joey Porter
3. Levon Kirkland
4. Greg Llyod

1. Rod Woodson
Ike Taylor

1. Troy Polamalu
2. Carnell Lake

1. Gary Anderson

1. Josh Miller

Return Specialist:
1. Antwaan Randle El

This is a pretty spectacular lineup from top to bottom, though Chat GPT did offer a few controversial answers mixed in. On offense, Ben Roethlisberger is clearly the right option at QB (though he came late in Cowher's tenure as HC), and AI chose Jerome Bettis and 'Fast' Willie Parker at running back.

The trio of Hines Ward, Antonio Brown, and Plaxico Burress is impressive, while Heath Miller is the right choice if you could only pick one tight end. On the offensive line, Chat GPT went with the lineup of Marvel Smith, Alan Faneca, Dermontti Dawson, David DeCastro, and Willie Colon. Colon played both guard and tackle for Pittsburgh, but started at tackle for three years without missing a game. This final spot on the OL is a bit controversial.

Defensively, this is a star-studded group with some interesting responses that are sure to stir up controversy. The defensive line consists of Aaron Smith, Brett Keisel, Casey Hampton, and Joel Steed.

AI also listed four 'linebackers', though three of the four were outside linebackers (James Harrison, Joey Porter, and Greg Lloyd). Levon Kirkland was the only inside linebacker listed. Chat GPT also chose just two cornerbacks to make the all-time Bill Cowher team: Rod Woodson and Ike Taylor. The safeties consisted of Troy Polamalu and Carnell Lake.

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Overall, this wasn't a bad list by AI. Fans who remember Cowher taking over and leading this team to success remember these names well. Some of the best names excluded from the list are players like LB James Farrior, OG Kendall Simmons, and CB Deshea Townsend. This was a great time to be a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.