We asked AI which Marvel superhero T.J. Watt would be, and the answer is perfect

Steelers, T.J. Watt
Steelers, T.J. Watt / Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

It's crazy what you can do with artificial intelligence these days. Chat GPT can come up with a response in seconds, and the answers are always interesting. We decided to have a little fun with it as we asked AI a question pertaining to a very popular player on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

T.J. Watt is the heart and soul of the Steelers in the post-Ben Roethlisberger era and is clearly a fan favorite, thanks to his leadership mentality and dominance on the football field. So we asked AI which superhero Watt would be if he were a character in the MCU. The answer was spot-on.

According to Chat GTP, T.J. Watt would be Captain America.

""If we were to draw a comparison between T.J. Watt, the professional football player, and a Marvel superhero, he could be likened to the character of Captain America. T.J. Watt is known for his exceptional leadership qualities and strong moral character, similar to Captain America. Both individuals exhibit a strong sense of integrity, inspiring those around them and embodying the ideals of heroism... T.J. Watt possesses impressive physical abilities. His athleticism, strength, and agility on the football field showcase qualities akin to the peak physical condition of Captain America, who is also recognized for his exceptional physical capabilities.""

Chat GPT response

In addition to comparing their leadership qualities and physical prowess similarities, AI response went on to describe two other characteristics that Watt and Captain America share: their tactical mindset and their defender role. AI described Watt's ability to read and adapt to situations, as well as employ effective strategies in combat. Hilariously, Chat GPT also paralleled Watt's leadership role on defense with Captain America's role as a protector and defender.

AI gives perfect fictional comparison for Steelers T.J. Watt

Comparing a real-life NFL player to a fictional Marvel superhero is very arbitrary and holds no real grounds for debate, but Chat GPT did come up with a rather clever response. In some strange way, it's easy to see the similarities between the two.

Watt is not only the star of the team, he is also a team 'captain' in 2022. Additionally, his teammates clearly look up to him as he was voted Steelers Team MVP for three straight years from 2019 to 2021. Watt spent half of the 2022 season on IR with a pectoral injury, but it's possible he could have made it labeled team MVP four years in a row. His Steelers teammates just seem to play with a different energy and confidence level when he's out there.

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While the meaningless comparison between Pittsburgh Steelers star T.J. Watt and the fictional Captain America holds zero value, this was a fun little exercise using Chat GPT's artificial intelligence. Somehow, this was a perfect response from AI that, in some way, just makes sense.