What a possible Cam Heyward contract extension might look like with Steelers

The Steelers could get a contract extension done with Cam Heyward if they offer him a fair deal with a pricey cap hit.
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We will see where things take us, but it seems like Cam Heyward's contract negotiations could be in for the long haul.

No doubt the Steelers want Heyward to return to form and be a sole member of the black and gold throughout his career. Both player and team have the right place in their hearts going into negotiations, but it could get ugly. We know Heyward has been outspoken about getting a deal done, and that is fair as the veteran wants to be shown loyalty.

He has done a ton for not only the organization but for the city of Pittsburgh. The amount of community he has made in the city has only made him more popular among fans. Now he wants a contract extension, and it could take a while to get there. Training camp seems like the best place for a potential outcome between the Steelers and Heyward.

Cam Heyward's contract extension with the Steelers could be expensive

There are a couple of things that could create a problem regarding a potential positive outcome with Heyward and the Steeler's extension. He isn't getting any younger, in fact, he just turned 35 years old. That could mean his play could start to fall off at any moment. Add in the fact that he is coming off two surgeries within the past year, and it makes the investment in him more challenging.

Heyward knows the NFL is a business, and that is why he is putting the pressure on the Steelers.

According to Spotrac's website, Heyward accounts for roughly 16 million bucks in actual salary, which is pretty cheap for a quality interior defensive lineman in today's league. His number is good now, but his next contract extension should inflate that number. The main question is how many years are the black and gold willing to give him?

Heyward has made it publicly known that he wants to play for at least three more seasons, so that would mean an extension would result in adding two more years onto his new deal.

If the Steelers can get Heyward to the two-year mark, then that is nothing too crazy to offer. The guaranteed money is where matters could get hairy. He will want as much as possible, especially with his aging and potential injuries that could hamper him down the line. He needs to protect himself first as a player, and he has been a star in Pittsburgh for a long time.

It would make sense for both Heyward and the Steelers to come to a resolution similar to what Cam Jordan got last offseason. Jordan signed a two-year deal worth $27.5 million. The entire contract was guaranteed for Jordan, which would be something completely foreign to the Steelers. They would either have to budge on guaranteed money or be willing to give him money upfront.

Jordan's deal was complete last year, but he and Heyward have shared similar career numbers for the most part.

Heyward does have lesser numbers, but he and Jordan have enjoyed great careers, and both are the same age. With that being said, Jordan signed his extension last year and it is reasonable to imagine Heyward's number could be slightly higher. Another option that could help with Heyward's potential contract extension could be the inclusion of void years.

Those allow the Steelers to lessen the cap charge by spreading it out over a couple of years.

A deal will probably get done between Heyward and the Steelers as he posed a similar technique to get an extension done last time his deal was set to expire. He will get a portion of his next contract guaranteed, but the Steelers will also provide a hefty signing bonus to balance things out.

Spotrac's website has Heyward in the neighborhood of 19 million per season on his next deal.

Expect his next contract to get done with the Steelers as a two-year extension past this season worth a total of $39.5 million with 22 million guaranteed. Add a hefty signing bonus on top of that and two void years to lessen the blow on the Steelers cap situation.

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