What picks do Pittsburgh Steelers have on Day 2?

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NFL fans everywhere are gearing up for what promises to be an exciting 2023 NFL Draft. While most of the hype surrounds the 17 players in attendance who are projected to go in the first round, Day 2 of the draft has always been my personal favorite. Pittsburgh Steelers fans have a particularly strong reason to tune in on Day 2 this year.

Instead of witnessing the excitement of just one high selection, (like teams typically do in the first round) Day 2 typically includes multiple high draft choices for each team. Teams all start with their original second and third-round draft choices, but some have more as they are acquired via trade or by the compensatory formula.

For the Steelers, in particular, it could prove to be a spectacular Day two of the NFL Draft. They have more draft capital in this range to work with than we've witnessed in years, and with the right choices, this could prove to go a long way.

Though the first round is typically a bit more predictable when it comes to the range in which players are drafted, Day 2 always includes a splash of excitement and some wild picks. Some teams reach for need while others find excellent value. So what selections do the Pittsburgh Steelers own on Day 2 this year?

What picks do Steelers have on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft?

With their original second and third-round selections intact, the Steelers already have some decent capital here. However, trading Chase Claypool to the Bears gave them a better selection than anyone could have envisioned. Here are Pittsburgh's selections on Day 2 that will be announced on Friday:

  • Round 2, pick 32 overall (via trade with Chicago)
  • Round 2, pick 49 overall
  • Round 3, pick 80 overall

After owning the 17th overall pick in the first round, the Steelers could follow things up with a Day 2 that proves to be even more valuable. The 32nd overall selection essentially is like having the final pick of the first round (minus the fifth year options that typically come with that designation). There could be some excellent talents who fall out of the first round and are ripe for the picking at this spot.

Meanwhile, the 49th overall pick is nothing to scoff at. It's possible that the Steelers could find a quality starter at this position. Whoever they take with pick 80 would be expected to come in and at least play a rotational role from the gate with a chance to develop into something more.

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With this early capital, it's possible the Pittsburgh Steelers could look to move up in the draft for a player they love or perhaps even trade down to stockpile more draft picks. Either way, this should be one of the most eventful days of the draft we have seen from a Steelers team in years.