What we learned from Steelers abysmal loss to the Cleveland Browns

  • The Steelers offense is the epitome of ineptitude
  • Defense could not come up with the big play
  • Steelers played listlessly on both sides of the ball
Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Steelers played listlessly on both sides of the ball

My fear going into the games against the Browns was that we would come out flat, play lethargically for three quarters then try to turn it on in the fourth quarter. That is pretty much how things played out against the Browns.

The Steelers were in a prime position to close the gap in the AFC North, but failed to do so primarily because we just could not get anything going on offense, which really has been the trend all season, and because we didn't generate enough 'splash' on defense.

Look, I understand that it is difficult to win a game in the NFL, particularly a road game, but that's where coaching has to factor into the equation. I am a Mike Tomlin supporter, but I am not a Mike Tomlin apologist.

Tomlin has witnessed what we have witnessed all season, which is this: our offense takes too long to 'warm up to it', as Tomlin would say. Our defense plays too much 'bend, don't break'. In this particular game, the punting was pretty spotty. When is Tomlin going to admit that what we're doing isn't working?

Yes, we are six up and four down through ten games of the season, but does it really seem like we are a team that is only two games out of first place in our division? I don't know about you, but it does not seem that way to me. I get that winning is the most important thing, but how you win is as important as you lose. We win ugly and we lose ugly so I guess we have achieved balance.