What we learned from Steelers incredible win versus the Green Bay Packers

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The Steelers are three games over 'five-hundred' by nothing short of a miracle

First, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the season Chris Boswell is having. 'Boz' has been nothing short of amazing and we are lucky to have him. That said, I fear there may come a time when we call on 'Boz' to kick a sixty-plus yard FG to win a game that may be the difference between our making the playoffs or not.

The reason I fear this scenario playing out is that the reason we have to call on 'Boz' in the first place is because we were not able to secure victory either on offense or on defense. Let's hope my fear does not become a reality.

For the most part, I think Mike Tomlin has done an admirable job of getting the team ready to play most weeks despite injuries to key players. On the flip side, I think our lack of depth at some key positions is being exposed.

For as good of a draft as we had, I think some of our free-agent signings are proving to be questionable. That falls on Omar Khan and on Tomlin. In the game against the Packers, the fact that Elandon Roberts, for example, was asked to cover a TE one-on-one on is asking too much of a player whose forte is run support.

Tomlin has always said that if you have red paint, you paint the barn red. I think as of right now with the injuries we currently have and with the players we currently have on the roster, I would argue that Tomlin is trying to paint the barn red with blue paint.

The fact that we are three games over 'five hundred' is nothing short of a miracle, but as I said at the beginning of this discussion, whether there's some cosmic force at work or whether it's luck, the Steelers are in fact tied for second in the AFC North. Let's see where we stand after next week's game.

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