What we learned from Steelers incredible win vs. the Ravens

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The Steelers defense came alive after spotting the Ravens ten points in the first half

Make no mistake, this game was won by the combination of a defense that shut out the Ravens' offense in the second half and the special teams who contributed three FGs and a blocked punt for a safety. At least that side of the ball showed up to play.

In what has become all too familiar of a refrain, the defense generated big plays when big plays needed to be generated. The 'D' got home four times and caused three turnovers, two fumbles, and one INT, compliments of Joey Porter, Jr.

Porter's INT in the endzone was huge, to say the least. Had the Ravens scored a TD on that drive, the game would have probably been out of reach with the way the offense was playing. Fortunately, Porter had other ideas. We got lucky there, but sometimes all you need is a little luck.

Once again, the dynamic duo of T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith saved the day for us, but, as I have stated repeatedly, you can not rely on the defense to play 'lights out' every week. We are fortunate that the Ravens had several miscues on offense, but as I just said, sometimes all you need is a little luck.

Let's see what else we learned.