What we learned from Steelers incredible win vs. the Ravens

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The Steelers looked dazed and confused but pulled it out at the end

Another slow start on offense, another shaky start on defense and another tragedy averted. That is what the first five weeks of the season feel like. We were outplayed by the Ravens, particularly in the first half, but, miraculously, we were down by seven at halftime.

It could have been much worse had it not been for several miscues by the Ravens' offense, but, as luck would have it, and, trust me, we needed a lot of luck in this game, the ball bounced our way and we were able to snatch victory from the clutches of defeat.

Forget the fact that the Steelers are three up and two down heading into the bye week and concentrate on the fact that we just don't have the look of a division leader. but, we are leading the AFC North Division nonetheless.

Early on, it looked like the Ravens were going to 'blow our doors off', but we settled down and pulled out the win. My question is why do play the way we play, particularly early in games? Mike Tomlin has always said that you can't warm up to things. You have to get out of the gate quickly.


We had a whopping three points in the first half and no points in the third quarter. That is not good enough and hasn't been since Canada has been the offensive coordinator. On the defensive side of the ball, why isn't Porter getting more playing time? Why are some players even on the field?

Tomlin needs to do some soul-searching during the bye week. I believe he knows that changes to the scheme and personnel need to be made. Now is the time to make those changes. If no changes are made, our reign as AFC North Division leaders will have been short-lived.

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