What we learned from Steelers sloppy Week 2 win vs. the Browns

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The Steelers must make changes on both sides of the ball sooner rather than later

Yes, we won the game and evened our record, but as I mentioned earlier in the discussion, the offense is ranked next to last in total yards per game. To expound on that dismal statistic, the offense is ranked eighteenth in passing yards per game, is ranked next to last in rushing yards per game, and is ranked twenty-sixth in points per game.

Something has to give here. Matt Canada can no longer be the offensive coordinator, plain and simple. As I stated earlier in the discussion, we can not rely on the defense week in and week out to propel us to victory. At some point, we are going to have to outscore an opponent.

I don't see from where those points will come. We can't run the ball, the route concepts are atrocious and Canada really has no 'feel' for what to call and when to call it. Look, I am not saying I could ever be an NFL offensive coordinator, but this is a results-oriented business and frankly, the results are not there.

The defense is not fairing much better than the offense. We are currently ranked thirtieth in yards allowed per game. That's awful and that needs to be corrected right now considering we are dead last in average rushing yards allowed per game.

When is Mike Tomlin going to realize that Canada needs to be replaced? When is Mike Tomlin going to acknowledge that he and Teryl Austin need to change what we're doing currently on defense to stop the run and not give up the kind of yards we are giving up?

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I can answer those questions with this statement: unless or until Tomlin receives an edict that things must change, I fear nothing will change until it is too late. I really hope that will not be the case.