What we learned from Steelers spectacular preseason win vs Bills

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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The Steelers defense pitched a shutout for most of the contest against the Bills

Although we were pitching a shutout through three quarters, the fourth quarter proved to be a bit difficult for the defense, giving up fifteen points in that frame. Fortunately, we had built enough of a lead that the Bills simply could not overcome the deficit.

What was encouraging to me was this: Not only did we generate one sack, but we forced four turnovers, three interceptions, and one fumble. That's how you play defense. We stifled the first-team offense of the Bills, built enough of a lead on offense thanks, in part, to the turnovers generated by the defense, and essentially cruised to a victory.

Joey Porter Jr. nabbed his first INT and Nick Herbig accounted for the only sack of the game. Other players acquitted themselves well, but those two were the ones to me who stood out. When I say they stood out, I don't mean to diminish the contributions of the other players as we all know that football is the ultimate team game.

Let's see what else we learned.