What we learned from Steelers spectacular preseason win vs Bills

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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The Steelers dominated the Bills but questions remain on both sides of the ball

As nice as it was to get our second win in a row in the preseason, questions still remain on both sides of the ball. When you're up by twenty-seven points heading into the fourth quarter, I think it's very easy to overlook some of the deficiencies this team currently has.

In my opinion and in no particular order, I think we need to reassess where Patrick Peterson will line up come opening day. Peterson is not the 'shutdown' man-to-man cornerback he once was. Maybe we were playing him on the outside to see what he could do or because we didn't feel comfortable with Porter Jr. being out there with the first team.

I really don't know the reason Peterson was lined up on the outside but, to me, his best position may be safety or the slot corner in a zone package. His play was a bit concerning. I also think we lack quality depth on the defensive line.

Some of our backups were simply not up to the task as were some of the secondary players. Again, I realize it's preseason and we're trying to figure out who can fill what role, but the idea behind building a roster that is able to compete for a championship is to have quality depth at every position.

If we have those players currently on the roster, that's great. If we don't, it is the responsibility of Tomlin and Omar Khan to assure that we do have those players.