Where are they now? The Steelers that have moved on to other teams in recent years

  • Matt Feiler is still a starter
  • Artie Burns makes a name for himself as quality depth
  • James Conner is still getting the job done
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster is not the same

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JuJu Smith-Schuster has fallen apart since leaving the Steelers

We are far away from the time when JuJu Smith-Schuster was a baby-faced bike-loving individual. His rookie season was crazy, and it seemed like the Steelers hit another home run that would allow him and Antonio Brown to be a dynamic duo on offense. A couple of years after Smith-Schuster was drafted by Pittsburgh, Brown would leave the team.

It forced JuJu into a larger role and a lot of pressure on his shoulders after putting up two quality campaigns to start his career. It was nice to have a Hall of Fame talent on the opposite side of the field like Brown. It opened a lot of doors up for Smith-Schuster and the offense. After Browns was gone, things started to decline for this receiver.

He would never put up the same quality numbers again and that led to plenty of scrutiny of his social media presence. After re-signing with the Steelers on a one-year deal he would be quickly knocked out of the season with a shoulder injury. He would then move on and sign with the Kansas City Chiefs and their high-flying offense.

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He had a good year overall with the Chiefs, but it still wasn't the same level as his rookie or sophomore years in the league. He did win a Super Bowl with them though. Smith-Schuster signed with the New England Patriots this past offseason. Things have not worked well there, and he has been a part of their stagnant offense. He might be one and done there.