Which Steelers offensive linemen needs replaced the most?

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What should the Steelers do with Dan Moore?

Dan Moore: 62.4 grade, 67.3 PB, 56.1 RB, 10 penalties, 7 sacks, 39 pressures

Average: 85.4 grade, 83.4 PB, 80.2 RB, 5.7 penalties, 3 sacks, 19.1 pressures

Dan Moore Cap Charge: 1.1 million, 760k savings

Starting this list off with Moore, he was a surprise starter as a rookie. Taken in the fourth round, the expectation was for him to serve as a swing tackle early. That didn’t happen, as he showed enough in the preseason to earn a job after Zach Banner struggled with injuries.

It has been a very up-and-down two seasons for Moore. At times, he looks like a potential stable starter, lacking the elite play of a top tackle, but more than enough to hold his own in that role for a season. Other times, he seems like a disaster who couldn’t stop anyone from getting in the backfield.

Of the three names, Moore falls into the middle in terms of consistency. He flashes some stretches of great play, but he follows that up with stretches of poor blocking. His technique and footwork are nothing to write home about, but he shows enough there to warrant hope.

Moore has grown as a player since entering the league. His early play when he was forced into the lineup was bad, he seemed to get better late in his rookie season, before having a similar arc in his second season. That said, he gets to retain his offensive line coach this offseason, which means he won’t have to adjust to yet another new scheme.

Do I think Moore is an elite player? No, and I doubt he ever gets there. That said, he has shown the ability to grow every year, playing better toward the end of the season after he gets his footing as opposed to the beginning.

While he hasn’t had to show it yet, I do think Moore could move around the line if need be. I think he would be a better right tackle, and the potential is there for a move inside. He’s only 24, and he has a small cap charge in 2023, adding to his value to this team.

That said, left tackle is a supremely important position, and the fact that we are still projecting a better season isn’t a great sign for Moore. His strengths are his age, cost, and ability to show growth. His negatives are his inconsistencies and lack of a complete average or better season.