Who the experts are taking in a potential Cardinals vs. Steelers Week 13 trap game

  • USA Today predicts a very close game
  • Sporting News predicts the Steelers will take care of business
  • Bleacher Report has the Steelers finding ways to add points

Pittsburgh Steelers
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This game will probably not be as easy as everyone is predicting right now. Yes, the Steelers are the better team, but the Cardinals have a quarterback that can turn on the jets. Kyler Murray is one of the streakiest starting players in his position, but when he is playing well, he is playing at an MVP level. This will not be a cakewalk for Pittsburgh.

It will be a tall task for the black and gold's defense to stop James Conner from establishing the run, but to also keep Murray in check. He is a known runner who can hurt you on third downs if you do not close down his escape lanes when you send pressure. With all that being said, the Cardinals are dealing with a lot of injuries currently and are a poor roster when healthy.

Pittsburgh should be able to win this game, but they refuse to blow out teams. The Steelers will probably keep it tight, and find a way to show some signs of improvement on offense. A lot of experts are buying what the Steelers are currently selling after last week's win. Predictions are going in the home team's favor as Sunday inches closer.

USA Today has the Steelers winning a close game by a touchdown

USA Today Prediction: Steelers 24, Cardinals 17

It really wasn't about what the Cardinals could do to win this game, but what the Steelers will do to win this game. Arizona is a terrible team, but USA Today does not discount the idea that Kyler Murray could be a game-changer here if he gets into a rhythm. It is going to be a tough matchup for the Cardinals to overcome and emerge as the victors.

Pittsburgh has been able to find offense since firing Matt Canada, and that has also given this expert the thought process of belief in this newly formed offense. The Steelers need to find ways to finish their drives this week, and that is where their logic falls. The Steelers will win this game with a couple extra drives that finish with touchdowns and the Cardinals will not be able to find answers to that.