Who the experts are taking in a potential Cardinals vs. Steelers Week 13 trap game

  • USA Today predicts a very close game
  • Sporting News predicts the Steelers will take care of business
  • Bleacher Report has the Steelers finding ways to add points

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Sporting News has Pittsburgh finding offense and handling the Cardinals

Sporting News Prediction: Steelers 28, Cardinals 16

This would be one of the highest score outcomes of the Steelers this season if this score prediction comes true. The offense has emerged since last week, and Pittsburgh's defense has averaged less than 16 points allowed over the past six weeks. The Cardinals also have yet to win a game on the road this season, so all of those factors make these an easy prediction for Sporting News. The Steelers should be able to handle their business and continue their playoff push.

CBS Sports has the Steelers defeating Arizona in a double digit victory

CBS Sports Prediction: Steelers 24, Cardinals 13

CBS Sports also has the home team in this one winning by more than ten points. The perceived change on offense for the Steelers seems like the prime reason to pick them this week. Many believe that last week should translate over to this game. Kyler Murray should struggle against this defense. That will allow for the Steelers to march to victory. There might be a few speed bumps along the way, but Kenny Pickett should do enough to get the win for Pittsburgh.

Bleacher Report has the black and gold finding ways to add points

Bleacher Report Prediction: Steelers 27, Cardinals 20

A new look at things this week as Pickett might not be the determining factor in this one. The Steelers run game had been good over the past month or so, and that should give the home team a good chance at winning. They need to establish their run game against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The Cardinals struggle to run the ball, but their offense in Arizona does not help them much either. Should be a tight game that Pittsburgh's run game gets away with.