Who the experts are taking in a potential Cardinals vs. Steelers Week 13 trap game

  • USA Today predicts a very close game
  • Sporting News predicts the Steelers will take care of business
  • Bleacher Report has the Steelers finding ways to add points

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Final prediction has the Steelers beating Arizona by a close score

There are a couple of things that could either turn this into a disastrous loss for the Steelers or a blowout victory. One of the biggest x-factors will be Kyler Murray heading into this game. When he gets comfortable, he can cause headaches for the opposition's defense. The Steelers' defense has a bigger challenge in front of them even with the Cardinals likely missing some pieces.

Kenny Pickett and the offense, mainly the run game will also be big factors here. They need to be careful about not turning over the ball and having a quality rushing attack with Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren for most of the game. That will open plenty of play-action opportunities for Pickett to air out the ball deep from time to time.

With how poor Arizona's defense is, this should be an easy game to control the line of scrimmage for Pittsburgh. They should also be able to apply pressure on Murray throughout the game and shut down James Conner. Do not expect a blowout game as the Steelers refuse to get to that point often. It should be a tight game.

Final Prediction: Steelers 20, Cardinals 16

The final prediction here has the Steelers winning a close game at home this Sunday. Kyler Murray is going to be a bigger issue than many are expecting right now. He should be able to have a lot of passing yards on a secondary that has struggled in the past. The biggest difference here will be that the defense will bend and not break.

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Expect the Steelers offense to continue their trend of not finishing drives with touchdowns this week. They should get a couple, which is technically an improvement, but nothing spectacular. They should be able to move the ball effectively against this poor Cardinals defense. Pittsburgh gets the win, but the lack of touchdowns again will cause this game to be closer than it needs to be.